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Is neck or back pain bothering you every time you lift or hold your baby?

Why Postpartum Chiropractic Care?

There's a very good reason why so many women like you find themselves in need of postpartum chiropractic care. During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin works to loosen the ligaments in the body to allow the pelvis to stretch as the baby grows and during birth. The loosening of joints in the pelvis can cause pain in pregnancy, but the pain can linger after your baby is born for two reasons.

First, the effects of relaxin do not disappear immediately following birth. Depending on the source, experts say that the effects of relaxin on the body persist for five months after birth up to 12 months after a woman stops breastfeeding. This means that the low back pain you experienced in pregnancy may linger for a while.

Second, as the mama of a new baby, you’re most likely spending a lot of time looking down at your beautiful baby as you breastfeed or bottle feed, which often causes neck and upper back pain. You’re also probably spending a ton of time holding, bouncing, and swinging your little one trying to get him or her to fall asleep or stop crying during fussy times. All of this time cradling your baby translates into more neck and back pain.

Thanks to relaxin and the fact that you’ll be spending the next few years frequently picking up and carrying your baby, most neck and back pain that women experience following childbirth doesn’t go away on its own.

7 Postpartum Self-Care Tips

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Individualized Postpartum Chiropractic Care

My patients’ treatment plans are individualized and address the following contributing factors:

Muscular tension & pain

Painful knots and imbalance in muscles of the neck, back, or pelvis contribute to pain in these areas. Therapy to address the knots and imbalances helps to relieve pain.


Many people are surprised to learn that diet can either promote or fight pain. Modifying diet and incorporating supplementation (when needed) can speed healing in injured areas and reduce pain.

environment & ergonomics

Poor posture at work or at home causes pain. Ensuring that you're maintaining proper posture while working or relaxing relieves pain and helps prevent recurrence.

stress management

Stress can intensify pain, and chronic pain can cause stress. Acupuncture and supplementation calm the stress response to interrupt the stress-pain cycle.

Things you will not get from me include pressure to commit to long-term care plans or required pre-payment for a long-term care plan.

Postpartum Chiropractic Can Help

I’m a mother of two, and I remember all too well the neck and upper back pain I experienced after my daughter was born. Although I was still physically able to take care of her, my neck and back pain made it difficult to fully enjoy holding her the many hours a day she needed to be held. Thankfully, I was able to get postpartum chiropractic care to relieve my pain.

The good news is that treatment using gentle chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy to relax tight muscles, and exercises to strengthen weak muscles works very well to relieve postpartum neck and back pain. If you are experiencing postpartum neck or back pain, I invite you to click the button below to schedule a complimentary consultation so that we can connect one-on-one. During your consultation, you’ll be able to tell me about your health concerns and ask any questions you have about postpartum chiropractic care.

Amanda was one of my postpartum chiropractic patients. Here’s what she had to say:

"Dr. Bravo made her services so convenient after I had just had my third child and was having a lot of pain. She worked with my schedule to meet and really took her time to figure out the root of the pain and how to fix it. I was also scared after just having had a baby to be adjusted “aggressively” but she was gentle but effective. After just two appointments I’ve had relief! I highly recommend Dr. Bravo!"


It's Your Move!

Don’t let postpartum neck or back pain interfere with the joy of caring for your new baby. 

Click the button to schedule your complimentary consultation so that you can start down the path to becoming pain-free with postpartum chiropractic care!